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Our Dog Training Philosophy

For dog owners, choosing a trainer can be overwhelming.  Our industry is not regulated and because of this it is incredibly easy to find several trainers in the same area who use completely different methods. And because the styles, theories, and techniques are so varied, choosing what is right for you and your dog can be, understandably, daunting.

The good news for dogs, and dog owners, is that dog training is moving away from the ‘magical energy bullet’ and more towards the idea that all animals can be trained without the use of fear, pain or coercion.  Whether it’s coming when called, walking nicely on leash, or learning to love having their nails clipped, the truth is that there are humane, effective, and science-based ways to teach dogs. Lizz is committed to using force-free methods which are not only effective, but help avoid the potential fallout that can come with coercion- particularly the installation of fear and/or aggression. The goal for clients, dog and humans alike, is a fun, low-stress process that everyone can benefit from and enjoy.  

Whether it’s through Board and Train, Day Training, or Private Training, Lizz will work with you and your family (four-legged AND two legged members) to come up with a plan that is safe, easy, and fun.  Lizz provides support during training and ongoing follow-ups after training has completed because she knows that learning never ends.  Services are offered in the San Luis Obispo area.

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