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7 Dog Training Services

7 Dog Training offers a variety of services because Lizz recognize lifestyles can vary and not one size will fit all! If you are a busy professional or have your hands full at home, Board and Train or Day Training services might be the right fit for you. If you enjoy training and the process of learning alongside your dog, in-home private training may be the right choice. Whatever service or combinations of services you choose, Lizz will be available throughout the process to provide support, feedback, and guidance for anyone located in San Luis Obispo County.

Board and Train

Board and Train services with 7 Dog Training is just what it sounds like: the opportunity to board your dog in Lizz's home while she takes care of the nitty gritty of training. While the dog stays at her home he is treated as a member of Lizz's family, with the added bonus of having training sessions each and every day.  Training goals while doing a B&T can include crate training, housebreaking, socialization, walking nicely on leash, and the most important obedience behaviors for your family. We typically cover sit, down, stay, leave it, wait, drop and more. All of these behaviors help build impulse control and good manners.  While the dog lives in my home he is treated as a member of Lizz's family, with the added bonus of having training sessions each and every day. You’ll receive videos, emails, texts, and calls to keep you updated and in the loop on your dog’s progress. At the end of the Board and Train, we’ll do transfer sessions in your home are done to ensure a smooth transfer.


Board and Train services are ideal for new puppies or adult dogs who may have missed out on training time when they were young. They’re also ideal for busy professionals who simply don’t have time to put in the day to day worked needed to have a well-mannered canine companion. By letting Lizz do the heavy lifting, the transition from problem child to proper pooch will benefit everyone in the family!

Day Training

Day Training is a great option for those who need their dog trained, but simply are too busy to be present for every session. It’s also great for getting training up and running with minimal disruption to the household and less distracting for your dog as he or she begins learning.

Day Training can address puppy training and socialization, obedience, walking nicely on leash, resource guarding, and handling issues.  Lizz will provide regular video, text, and email updates to keep you involved even when you can’t directly participate.  At the end of the Day Training package, 1-2 transfer sessions are done so that the dog’s new skills are incorporated into your day-to-day life.

Private Training

Private in-home training is the more traditional route, where sessions take place in a dog’s home with their family present.  Private training begins with an initial consult where information can be gathered and an assessment is given by the trainer. From there a plan is designed and package length can be determined.  The family is present and hands-on throughout the process and is supported by Lizz with write-ups, emails, and phone calls.

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