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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dog parks to visit with my dog in San Luis Obispo?

San Luis Obispo County is one of the most dog-friendly places a pup can live! There are an almost endless amount of options for both on-leash and off-leash adventures for owners and their four-legged family members. 

My personal favorite is spending time at one of San Luis Obispo’s dog beaches.  Two great options are Olde Port Beach and Fisherman’s Beach located in Avila Beach. When it’s low tide you can walk for what seems like forever and your dog can meet, socialize, and play with loads of other dogs. If you like to get some added exercise in, you can hike the Bob Jones City to the Sea Trail (an on leash trail).  Once the trail ends you’ll be close by (about half a mile) to both Olde Port Beach and Fisherman’s Beach for some off leash time for your pup.  Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, and Cayucos all have off-leash dog beaches that are incredible as well.  

If you prefer a more traditional, fenced-in dog park, San Luis Obispo County is plentiful in these as well.  Laguna Lake Dog Park has hiking trails as well as an off-leash play area.  Other great options are El Churro Dog Park, Heilmann Dog Park, and Nipomo Dog Park.  Vineyard Dog Park in Templeton is also a nice option, although please be aware that there is an annual $25 fee or $1 for a single visit. 

Before visiting a dog park or beach be sure your dog is dog friendly with all shapes and sizes of dogs, has a good recall, and is able to be off leash.  Additionally you should always read the rules of dog park regarding what areas are on or off-leash, hours, and any additional specifications.

What if my dog doesn't like dog parks?

​Some dogs and their owners don’t enjoy dog parks-luckily San Luis Obispo County has plenty of on-leash trails for well-behaved pups.  Some of my favorites are Jim Green Trail in Atascadero (shorter distance but with some good hills) and the Eucs trail in Stenner Creek (longer and a bit more on the strenuous side).  Other great trails are Bishop Peak (amazing views) and Three Bridges Oak Reserve in Atascadero.

What is the best training collar to use?

Loose leash walking is a skill dogs learn, not one they are born with! The best walking equipment to use on your dog is something that is aversive-free.  Great options include martingale collars and harnesses for non-pullers, and no pull harnesses (Easy-walk, Sensation, Balance, Freedom), or a head halter (Gentle Leader, Halti Brand).  Most of these are easy to purchase at your local Petsmart or online. When working with 7 Dog Training, we’ll discuss the best options for you and your dog to help you achieve your goals. Due to the likelihood that they may cause additional behavior problems, 7 Dog Training strongly recommends against the use of choke, prong, or shock collars.  


Where is the best place to find affordable puppy training?

Investing in training for your puppy is similar to buying a house-if you skimp on the foundation at some point the final product will show some cracks.  7 Dog Training offers a wide range of options for training your puppy whether you’re looking for in house dog training, puppy potty training, classes, or socialization.  Each option has varying levels of cost associate so families can choose what fits best into their budget.


Where can I find Dog Boarding in San Luis Obispo?

When leaving out furry family member we want to rest assured that they are comfortable and happy.  There are many options for pet hotels as well as leaving your dog in your own home or in someone else’s home..  If you’re looking for a dog training camp, 7 Dog Training offers the opportunity to leave your dog in the comfort of a home while they receive training daily.  Always make sure to do your homework before leaving your pet, regardless which option you choose.  Ask for referrals, references, and specifics on where your dog will sleep, eat, play, and socialize.  




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